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Causes of Knee Osteoarthritis.

10 Jun

Knee Osteoarthritis cripples one body, one soul, one spirit., I use to do so much, my body use to feel so awesome, before osteoarthritis / spurs fell upon it! My bmi was at the level it should of been but through the years I shrunk so now I have to loose 15 more pound to have the TKR!What must I do now, I have lost over 100 lbs in 4 yrs, now it is hard to loose those those extra pounds. I have gotten depressed over it, I have lost hope that I can change. I will soon be getting an motorized wheel chair. Help me with some advise!

Dr Charles Eugster

I have talked about the extraordinary and disturbing number of knee joints that are being replaced by artificial joints. There are 600,000 knee replacements every year in the US at a yearly cost of $9 Billion. They have doubled over the last decade. (OECD iLibrary 2011). They are expected to double again in the UK over the next 2 decades! (Lancet 380:1768 2012).

Age is a factor. 70% of those 65+ show radiological evidence of osteoarthritis in at least one knee or hip joint. (J. Orthop. Res. 7:15 2012)

But one of the major causative factors is obesity. 69% of knee operations may be attributed to obesity in Croatia (Ljec. Vjesn. 131:22 2009). If all overweight and obese people were to reduce weight by only 5Kg., or until their  BMI was within the normal range, 24% of OA knee surgical cases could be avoided.! (Int. J. Obes. Relat. Metab. Disord…

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Writing The Shame Out of Pain

10 Jun

How can one Feel Shame when filled with pain? Oh I ask my soul ‘Why’ Why so much pain! What does one have to do not to feel shame. Shame oh shame be gone from my pain, One soul does not need want you sense of shame, shame is sense of one’s misfortunes, unforgiveness of pain in one’s body, why pain , , , to teach, to reach, to help another . . .

Fibromyalgia This: Diary Of A Pain Warrior

Taken from PinterestHow often can I write about pain without a sense of guilt and shame? Sure, there are spurts of creativity that bring about a sense of enlightenment and ease. A burden temporarily disappears, pain seems tolerable and the possibility of change feels real and imminent.

But no matter how great I feel as the words create an alternate reality, there is a feeling of unease, lodged deep in crevices of my mind, exhausted and tortured by relentless pain. I write in hopes that pain will go away, yet each sentence creates reality built upon the bedrock of all that I am trying to erase. Soon the pain  becomes my main filter, that which informs my decisions and thoughts, shaming me into the confines of a solitary existence and depression.

Each time I begin this journey into the self-imposed detention, I remind myself that the battle against pain is the one which is not of my choosing. Rather,  I am thrown into it unwillingly, forced to…

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Daily Prompt: Four Stars

10 Jun

Four Stars? Can one relate to Four Stars? Heart is Four Stars, life brings moments of each star, each star is a chapter over and over, each star being a part of the universe that has many many stars, my soul is part of the whole of the . . .

Memory of Silence…

10 Jun

Honoured,,,honoured you speak from the heart, oh where is that memory of silence, in the water, deep in the soul, baptize me in the water, take me to the water where I may feel the silence of the spirit, the soul, the mind, bring memories let silence begin

Let’s Go Home

10 Jun

Let’s Go Home, , , oh soul, let’s go home, home where the heart is, oh soul, take my spirit and soar like an eagle, take me home, home is safe, where my heart is there is safety. oh soul oh soul God take me home!

Source of Inspiration

bluebells with mountains Sometimes I just want
to go home, stop the
quest and rest in the
loving arms of God.

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What Is Freedom?

10 Jun

Freedom what is Freedom, can you tell my soul, can you share what freedom is? my heart seeks to and fro the sense of freedom, like the slave can the slave to life be free, can you free your mind from society, can you bring your heart to forgive, forgive the freedom that you leave behind, bring your heart to allow Freedom in soul, where is your freedom, tell me where

Source of Inspiration

filled with light

Freedom, a word often
touted. What is freedom
when all is said and done?
How free do we want to be?
No rules, laws, expectations?
No wants or wishes, for our
freedom is often curtailed
by our own demands. What
does it mean to you to be free?

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The Fragrance of Me

10 Jun

The Fragrance of Me? Oh soul can you breathe in the fragrance of your flesh, can you know what fragrance feels like, oh soul, free my soul to feel to sense what fragrance is, fragrance comes from pain, pain comes from abuse of the mind, no soap, no perfume can bring the fragrance of the heart, for one needs to know what Fragrance will bring! Let your heart seek where Fragrance in your life . . .

Source of Inspiration

My perfume does not
come out of a bottle,
or roll beneath my arms.
I don’t need to wash my
mouth with it, or sprinkle
it in my shoes.

How have we gotten of
alarmed at our body
fragrances? Can it
be that our Creator
made stinky errors,
or am I swayed by
companies that want
to sell the idea that
parts of my body innately
smell bad and need to be
doused with chemicals?

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