Writing The Shame Out of Pain

10 Jun

How can one Feel Shame when filled with pain? Oh I ask my soul ‘Why’ Why so much pain! What does one have to do not to feel shame. Shame oh shame be gone from my pain, One soul does not need want you sense of shame, shame is sense of one’s misfortunes, unforgiveness of pain in one’s body, why pain , , , to teach, to reach, to help another . . .

Fibromyalgia This: Diary Of A Pain Warrior

Taken from PinterestHow often can I write about pain without a sense of guilt and shame? Sure, there are spurts of creativity that bring about a sense of enlightenment and ease. A burden temporarily disappears, pain seems tolerable and the possibility of change feels real and imminent.

But no matter how great I feel as the words create an alternate reality, there is a feeling of unease, lodged deep in crevices of my mind, exhausted and tortured by relentless pain. I write in hopes that pain will go away, yet each sentence creates reality built upon the bedrock of all that I am trying to erase. Soon the pain  becomes my main filter, that which informs my decisions and thoughts, shaming me into the confines of a solitary existence and depression.

Each time I begin this journey into the self-imposed detention, I remind myself that the battle against pain is the one which is not of my choosing. Rather,  I am thrown into it unwillingly, forced to…

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