Embracing the moment!

14 Apr

Hi everyone, , , I joined in December 2012! I am in much conflict lately because of my children! I have lived many lifes in the past 50 yrs that I have been alive. I want to write a book about where I have been through the years.

I have suffered many many years of not just physical abuse, but mental, spiritual, emotional, and verbal! These things cause many emotions and feelings to change! I have had friends in the past that dropped me because they refused to understand where I was in life. 

I have been homeless in the past! I have 20 years in recovery. It hasn’t been easy. I think my life intimidates people at times. I do believe that just recently I have accepted part of who I was in my other lifes. I hope someone can relate or just understand the words that are comiing out of my heart! 

I feel that sharing my life with those of you that have lived familiar lifes will give me the encouragement, the healing and forgivness that I need today! There are many times that I have a difficult time with words cause I am full of so much pain in my heart plus I suffer from Chronic pain! 

Well living in the moment today…has been fair today! I want to comitt to sharing everyday! With my PSTD — I never know when it is going to visit me! There are days when pstd is very abusive with me and doesn’t allow me to talk to anyone, or even sometimes move! I, so desperately, want to move on in life…I need help. 

I enjoy reading the blogs of others…hope to hear from you!



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