22 Jan

To be beaten, to loose your tender innocense your virginity to someone that you thought loved you to be led into a lifestyle of prostitution how can a child endure such mind washing? Be strong God will take care of you. Make change Step out of being Victim to Survivor and a Child of God!

Christa Laos


How to portray the path from Victim to Survivor


dom violence 10


The story of how it morphs over time


dom violence now


The mind, what I think, changes over time

He did this to me then.

She/They are doing this to me now

Domestic Violence, both actions are.

Being Beat and having the threat of my husband of losing his kids, parent alienation

are both forms of Domestic Violence.


But Still


it is your fault


“It is your Fault”


Is placation of some sort.


he, she or they, are doing something to me


Art of the Domestic Violence Prevention Groups.


I still have a problem with it.


I tend to put more responsibility on the victim than is Politically Correct these days.


But it is out of compassion.


but my eyes are compassion


I am a part of the situation.

he/she is a reflection

we are both, one

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