22 Jan

The Truth Shall Set You Free! I taught my children at early age that it is better to tell the truth than a lie cause the truth may sometimes hurt but in the long run you shall have the honor that comes with age

Out of Clear Blue

Why do we keep secrets? Who are we protecting from the truth? Are we protecting others or ourselves or both? We are told to tell the truth when we are children. We are told that lying is bad and honesty is pure, but as we grow up these perceptions seem to change. The truth often becomes dangerous territory. The truth ruins reputations. The truth becomes something to be feared.

I get that sometimes the truth hurts. Reality bites, right? But by repressing the truth in ourselves are we really doing more good than harm? I believe it was Jesus who said “the truth shall set you free.” That’s pretty powerful coming from Jesus. So why do we still feel that in so many cases it is better to hold it in? What are we gaining? Superficial pride?

I am reading a book right now by an author named Kate Holden

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