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22 Jan

To be beaten, to loose your tender innocense your virginity to someone that you thought loved you to be led into a lifestyle of prostitution how can a child endure such mind washing? Be strong God will take care of you. Make change Step out of being Victim to Survivor and a Child of God!

Christa Laos


How to portray the path from Victim to Survivor


dom violence 10


The story of how it morphs over time


dom violence now


The mind, what I think, changes over time

He did this to me then.

She/They are doing this to me now

Domestic Violence, both actions are.

Being Beat and having the threat of my husband of losing his kids, parent alienation

are both forms of Domestic Violence.


But Still


it is your fault


“It is your Fault”


Is placation of some sort.


he, she or they, are doing something to me


Art of the Domestic Violence Prevention Groups.


I still have a problem with it.


I tend to put more responsibility on the victim than is Politically Correct these days.


But it is out of compassion.


but my eyes are compassion


I am a part of the situation.

he/she is a reflection

we are both, one

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22 Jan

The Truth Shall Set You Free! I taught my children at early age that it is better to tell the truth than a lie cause the truth may sometimes hurt but in the long run you shall have the honor that comes with age

Out of Clear Blue

Why do we keep secrets? Who are we protecting from the truth? Are we protecting others or ourselves or both? We are told to tell the truth when we are children. We are told that lying is bad and honesty is pure, but as we grow up these perceptions seem to change. The truth often becomes dangerous territory. The truth ruins reputations. The truth becomes something to be feared.

I get that sometimes the truth hurts. Reality bites, right? But by repressing the truth in ourselves are we really doing more good than harm? I believe it was Jesus who said “the truth shall set you free.” That’s pretty powerful coming from Jesus. So why do we still feel that in so many cases it is better to hold it in? What are we gaining? Superficial pride?

I am reading a book right now by an author named Kate Holden

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22 Jan

Direct my footsteps Take my hand, lead me on, guide me through the storm the beating waves sounds oh so hard like death

Butterflyx3's Blog

These rain drops on my heart..524299_10150767955069239_85386436_n

And the silence of my desires,

Will pass with a blissful  moment of truth,

So guide me through this quite storm..

And show me the way to the heavens of your love,

Keep me there..

There I want to live…

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22 Jan

Such a sweet, tender hearted girl that a yearns to be loved!

Burning Fire Shut Up In My Bones

Trifecta Challenge:
We want you to choose one of the pictures below and give us a 33-word response to it.

I live in squalor
I haven’t much
Not even a dollar
But with God’s touch

Though poor I was born
With God on my side
I’ll help the forlorn
I won’t be denied

© 2013
Cheryl A. Showers

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22 Jan

Have you ever looked up into the sky at night time? Right after Sunset? Have you ever just sat there on  a log at the seashore? Out of the Blue came a rushing wind that caused a brief moment of fright just for a second — Out of the Blue came a ‘Dove’ that gave you the peace that passeth all understanding? Out of The Blue you felt the warmth of the ocean breeze out of the blue? What an experience to share ‘Out of the Blue’!